Tips to Choosing the Best Commercial Roller Shutters for Your Business

by admin on February 5, 2017 in Commercial Roller Shutters

Are you considering commercial roller shutters for the windows, entry doors or garage doors of your business? Commercial roller shutters suit a number of different applications including street and mall shop front security grilles, auto shop garage doors, as well as for banks, schools, hospitals, and office blocks.

Two factors that are extremely important to the success of your business are 1) Shop appearance with an on-brand look and 2) Security. Commercial roller shutters can be a great investment to achieve both of these.

Your business’s shop front or business exterior is often the first impression you make to your customers. Make it a good one with a tidy, well-maintained exterior and an on-brand look. Commercial roller shutters can enhance your business’s kerb appeal.

In addition to aesthetics, commercial roller shutters can provide great security for your business and its valuables. Security Integrated Shutters are made from marine-grade heavy duty aluminium for maximum strength and durability. They are fitted closely to windows and doors meaning they are very difficult to remove or break-in by intruders. Furthermore, security shutters act as a visible deterrent to intruders and vandals.

When considering investing in commercial roller shutters for your business, here are some questions you’ll want to ask

1. What purpose do I need the roller shutters for?

Have a clear idea of the reason you’re buying commercial roller shutters for your business and consider how many shutters you’ll need. Where will you need roller shutters – for your shop front, windows, door, storage closet, or canteen/service area? Do you want your rolling shutters to be automated or manual? Is your priority security, aesthetics, weather protection, or multi-purpose? Our consultants can advise you on the right shutters to suit your needs.

2. How and where are the shutters manufactured?

You’ll want to find out who manufactured the shutters and what their reputation is to ensure you’re getting a quality product. Be wary of shutters not manufactured in Australia and question whether they are appropriate for Australian conditions such as bushfire, storms, and harsh UV rays.

Security Integrated Shutters are designed and manufactured in Australia using marine-grade heavy duty aluminium for maximum strength and durability to suit Australian weather conditions. We test all our roller shutters before installation at our customers’ premises. Plus knowing that we’re in Sydney means we’re close by to assist with any future repairs or maintenance should you require it.

3. Can I get them professionally installed?

For the best result, you’ll want your commercial roller shutters to be professionally installed and fitted. Installation of shutters can be complex depending on the type of shutter and operation (manual, automatic, solar, etc.) so you’ll want to employ an experienced installer.

Our experienced team will come to you and professionally install your new roller shutters. You can trust the team at Security Integrated Shutters.

4. Are there any warranties or guarantees?

Ensure your roller shutter dealer is reputable by asking about their product knowledge and if they offer some type of warranty or guarantee on their roller shutters.

At Security Integrated Shutters, we offer a guarantee on all work and a warranty covering our expertly installed shutters. As we source the materials, design, and manufacture all our roller shutters right here in Australia we stand by the quality and consistency of our products. Our team is experienced in professionally installing your new roller shutters. All our staff are highly trained to carry out their work to the highest quality standards. Our comprehensive after sales support is unmatched, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.