Winter is coming, and it’s time to protect your windows

by admin on March 12, 2018 in Security Roller Shutters

There’s a lot to be said for the ‘in-between’ seasons. Autumn and spring are often considered segues to long summers and ski season, but they have their own beauty. Of course, they’re visually stunning months. But also, their moderate median temperature makes them great for preparing yourself for the bi-yearly weather plummets and spikes. As we head for a forecasted winter of cold, harsh and even dangerous weather conditions, it’s time to think about protecting your home. And, according to real estate listing site, security shutters are the most ideal protection against extreme weather areas thanks to their durable surfaces that don’t fade, rust, crack or peel. Here’s why shutters are your best guard against the uncomfortable, damaging and disruptive factors the cold season brings to your home, and your safety.

Damage Control:

Recently, NSW saw the heaviest rainfall in over a year. Homes in the Hunter Valley were damaged to an unlivable state due to hail damage, high winds and flooding. Winter is going to be a harsh one and when it comes to damage to windows or, worse, smashed windows, an impenetrable barrier to stop debris, hail or branches from getting through is invaluable. From saving money for glass replacement, to peace of mind that your family will be safe when storms strike, it’s an investment worth making.

Keep the Warmth In:

Shutters work like insulation; although your home may be typically insulated, windows still account for almost half a home’s heat loss, especially at night when sunlight can’t counter the cold. Shutters can trap the warmth of your home like a seal lock, so that you remain cosy throughout the night and enjoy a comfortable morning – rather than spending it combating the cold.

Criminals Don’t Feel the Cold…

While the chilly weather wants us to curl up on the couch with hot chocolate, criminals are still on the prowl and, unfortunately, home invasions have become a prevalent choice for perpetrators recently. Different to home robberies, it’s not just your belongings at risk, it’s you and your family. According to a recent criminal behaviour report, shutters held a 19% deterrent rate for break-ins (made stronger if your home is visible from the road) and, if they do choose your home, shutters greatly minimise their ability to enter. When it comes to the safety of your family, you want these odds in your favour.