How Security Shutters Prevent Break-Ins

by admin on March 10, 2017 in Security Roller Shutters

Did you know that most break-and-enter burglaries happen during the morning hours of a weekday when no one’s home? And even if your neighbours are home, there’s a good chance they won’t see it happen because it can take a burglar less than 10 minutes to sweep your home and take all your valuable possessions. If this happens to you, not only is there the monetary cost but it is traumatic and leaves you feeling vulnerable and unsafe in your own home.

Be proactive – not reactive with your home’s security.

security shutters stop a home break in

Security shutters:

1) Are a Preventative Security Measure
Security shutters are the first line of defence against home invasions. No matter what neighbourhood you live in, you need to be security conscious. There are a number of things you can do to upgrade your home’s security and this can add up quickly, but if you do just one thing to improve your home’s security you should install security shutters. They are a good investment and offer superior defence against break-ins. Security Integrated Shutters offers an affordable solution to fortify your home.

2) Act as a visual deterrent
When an intruder sees security roller shutters, it is a visual cue that your home is well-protected. Security shutters discourage break-ins because burglars will decide it’s not worth the effort and risk trying to gain access to your home and instead go elsewhere choosing homes with easier access.

3) Are physically difficult to remove or break-in through
Australia’s largest home insurer, NRMA, reports that 55% of domestic home break-ins are through an unprotected window. As such, your home’s windows and doors is where you should tighten security first. Many homes have sliding windows with a clip closure which can easily be lifted out of their tracks and removed from the outside. Just because they have a clip closure or even a key lock doesn’t mean they’re secure enough to prevent a break-in.

Security shutters are physically difficult to pull away or remove from the outside because they are fitted closely to the window or door. Furthermore, they are made of heavy-duty aluminium to form a durable shield around your home.


Don’t wait until your home gets broken into to invest in security shutters. Security Integrated Shutters are more affordable than you think and our experts will professionally install them for you. Call our team or enquire online today to get started. You’ll be glad you did.