Property Experts: Shutters Raise The Value Of Your House

by admin on April 3, 2018 in Security Roller Shutters

Even if selling your house is not on your radar, adding value to your property is beneficial for other reasons, such as equity loans. But, not all ‘value’ improvements are made equal – swimming pools, for example, are notorious for being a high-cost, low monetary value addition. Security shutters, however, add legitimate value to your house.

According to Smart Property Investment, there are plenty of value-inducing benefits to adding security shutters, thanks to the security, seasonal protection and noise shielding.


Yes, this might be the driver for you choosing shutters, but it’s also a consideration for buyers (and valuers) even if you’re in a low crime area, particularly for detached homes. According to a study conducted by the ECU School of Law and Justice, two thirds of break-ins are accomplished through the window, and are largely opportunistic. Dr Natalie Gately, who lead the study, told ABC Radio, “We found that if it took longer than 15 minutes to get in, they wouldn’t bother.” It was also found that security screens were one of the biggest deterrents. Although this level of peace of mind is priceless, it in fact holds a lot of added monetary value to your home.

Seasonal protection:

There are many areas that are wonderful communities with beautiful homes and appealing lifestyles… there’s just one downfall: weather. As we experience some of the biggest changes to climate, and it’s prevalent in our backyards, literally, you don’t want Mother Nature destroying your home’s value. Shutters to protect from damaging due to hail, high winds or debris is added value, two-fold. The first, peace of mind for buyers. They will know that although the area might see some fluctuating and severe weather, the home will be adequately protected. And second, saving your home from the weather, saves it from damage that you either have to repair or bear the devalue it causes.

No Noise:

Just as shutters work as insulation to keep your house cool or warm depending on the weather, it also blocks out sound. This is especially important to the value of your home if you live close to a main road or highway, or an airport. Noise levels are one of the main de-valuers to a property in both the eyes of prospective buyers and for valuers. Using shutters to diminish sound, Smart Property Investment advice, is especially appealing to those who do shift work or who spend a lot of time at home – so stay-at-home parents and those who work from home in other capacities.

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