How To Clean Vertical Blinds?

Rana 8 November 2021 0

Vertical blinds are the best product when you are looking to cover the windows of your room or workspace. The reason is its simple working as well as beauty. By installing vertical blinds, you will be able to cover the windows along giving a special look to the interior of your space. In this blog, we are going to show you how to clean vertical blinds to keep the beauty of your space preserved.

Let’s have a look at all the sections of this process.

Supplies You Need To Clean Vertical Blinds

Before you start cleaning vertical blinds, you should have to go and pick some products from the market. You might have got a huge list of products that you might be looking for in this process. We have shortened the list and only added those instruments or supplies without which you can’t follow this process.

  • Cleaning tool
  • Detergent or soap
  • Water & oil
  • Towel
  • Vacuum cleaner

Things To Consider While Cleaning

It is not where everything comes to an end and you can start cleaning the vertical blinds. But you have to keep an eye on some other factors too. The reason is this type of blinds might be sensitive and you might have used hard hands to clean them. In this way, you might get harmful impacts at the end of this process.


First of all, you should analyze the material of the blinds before you step into the cleaning process. You should check whether you are going to deal with fabric vertical blinds or these are made with other materials.

By doing this, you will become to a result that shows which solvent can be used in this process. Also, you will understand how much force you can implement on the product while cleaning it. Therefore, you should keep an eye on the material and analyze it critically.

Size & Style

After this, you should need to analyze the size and style. It will help you to estimate how much time you have to invest in cleaning this product. Also, it will show you which type of cleaning product will be good for you to get perfect outcomes.

You can use a measuring tape for analyzing the size of the blinds. We recommend you pay some attention and do this manually instead of estimating it without experimentation. It is because you will be able to avoid any kind of unexpected conditions by doing this.

How To Clean Vertical Blinds?

Once you have analyzed the above factors and picked the supplies, you should have to follow this method to clean the vertical blinds. First of all, you should get a vacuum cleaner and get rid of all dust particles.

You should move the cleaner vertically from top to bottom to extract out all the particles. After this, you should pick the cleaning tool and start rubbing it softly over the blinds. You can also pick a scrub and dip it into the mixture of oil and water.

It is also possible to add some drops of detergent or soap into the water to make a cleaning mixture. For the safety of your floor, you can also keep the bucket under the blinds. It will keep collecting the water drops and keep your floor clean.

After this, you should pick the towel and dry the blinds properly. It will help you in two major dimensions that are cleaning the remaining dust particles as well as protecting the beauty of the blinds. In this way, you can simply clean the vertical blinds and keep your product in better condition for a long time.

Final Say

While you are looking to learn how to clean vertical blinds, you should follow the above steps properly. With this, you will be able to save a huge investment that you have to pick for replacing the blinds for your place.


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