How Roller Shutters Can Protect Against the Elements

by admin on March 10, 2017 in Security Roller Shutters

The windows and doors of your home are the most vulnerable in a storm or bushfire. Having durable, Australian-made security shutters installed can provide protection against heavy storms, hot sun, and protect against bushfire damage. Security Integrated Shutters provide superior protection against damage to your home due to harsh weather.

Durable Protection Against Heavy Storms
Heavy rain, hail, and high winds can cause extensive damage to homes. Branches and flying debris can crash through windows, and doors and windows can get blown in by strong wind gusts. Roller shutters protect your doors and windows against harsh weather damage. In a heavy storm closing your shutters protects from damage and breaking glass from debris.

Security Integrated Shutters are made from marine-grade heavy-duty aluminium for maximum strength and durability. They’re designed and manufactured right here in Australia so you know they are made to withstand Australia’s heavy tropical storms. Another advantage of having roller shutters is that they are securely fitted so when closed they won’t rattle or shake in storms making noise.

Protection Against the Sun and Heat to Save on Energy Costs
Australian summers can heat up your home making it uncomfortable. Curtains or blinds provide little relief from the sun because the heat can transfer from the window glass inside the house. Exterior roller shutters can reduce the temperature of your window glass by over 4°C! Roller shutters create an air space between the shutters and the window that acts as an energy barrier.

Because our shutters are made with a polyurethane layer that offers insulation for your home they can reduce your heating and cooling costs. Roller shutters can save you up to 40% on your energy bill. Not only can they save you money but you’ll feel good about using less energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

Not only does the hot sun heat up your home but it can cause fading to home fabrics, curtains, decor, and clothing pieces. This permanently ruins items which can be expensive to replace. If you’re concerned about protecting the inside of your home from sun damage roller shutters achieve this.

Bushfire Protection
Roller shutters protect against flying embers, debris, and glass cracking from a bushfire. Security Integrated Shutters are BAL-40 meaning they provide nearly the maximum protection available and provide radiant heat shielding up to 40kwm2. Radiant heat is what can cause windows to break so having such strong radiant heat protection is vital to protecting your home in a bushfire.Our shutters were tested by the CSIRO (#FSZ1379) and comply with Australian Bushfire Construction Standard AS3959-2009 (Clauses 3.7 & 8.5.1).

Security Integrated Shutters are designed and manufactured right here in Australia to withstand Australian weather conditions. Some shutter companies will try to tell you shutters manufactured overseas – that aren’t CSIRO tested and aren’t as durable. Don’t fall for it – good quality shutters don’t have to be overwhelmingly expensive. With our Price Beat Guarantee and 10 Year Warranty, purchasing Security Integrated Shutters for your home is a great investment. Get in touch with our team today to find out more information.