Home Invasion Rates Down But We’re Warned “Everything isn’t rosy”

by admin on April 17, 2018 in Security Roller Shutters

Home invasion rates still high

According to the 2017 NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research data, robbery and home invasions are down by 6.5% from the previous year. Being in the business of ensuring criminals are deterred from breaking into your home, we’re thrilled with the news. And, we know that part of the downturn is due to home security measures being a priority for people wanting to protect their families.

But, BOCSAR Executive Director Dr. Don Weatherburn spoke to The Australian warning people not to become complacent when it comes to home security and crime.

“Everything isn’t rosy in NSW, not by a long shot,” he told the news publication. “We have serious problems… that need to be addressed.”

Despite the drop in these crimes, 2017 remained the second worst year in the last 10 for aggravated break-ins.

But, scaremongering isn’t going to help safeguard your home. Taking action with secure, steadfast security shutters to avoid becoming a victim to home burglary, break-ins and invasions is the key to peace of mind.

To ensure you’ve got the best security shutters to prevent break-ins:

1) Make sure your aluminium shutters are made from heavy duty aluminium (like our marine-grade materials) for maximum strength and durability

2) For additional strength, opt for a foam filled profile

3) Check that profile end clips are machine-inserted to provide extra shutter strength

4) Be sure that internal sealed bearings are of the highest quality.