Difference Between PVC Plantation Shutters & Aluminum Shutters

Difference Between PVC Plantation Shutters & Aluminum Shutters

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Many people think that shutters are only made with one material. But shutters are made with different kinds of material like wood, Aluminum, PVC, and others. It is not an easy task to check which material will be the best for your home to get a prominent but charming look.

So, we are here with a guide on the two most used shutters materials termed PVC and Aluminum. You only need to get in-depth information from the following sections and you will surely get which material will be the best.

Difference Between PVC And Aluminum Shutters

It has become common to use shutters made with any of these materials at different sections of the home. The main reason is these materials are far better than any other shutter material. That is the reason people prefer them a lot to fix in their home windows. Here are some differences between these materials that we have found after complete research.


It is the most important factor and the biggest difference between both these materials. Apparently, Aluminum is stronger than PVC shutters. It takes too much time to cut a pipe or material made with Aluminum than PVC. According to some estimation, it will take two times more effort to cut material of Aluminum having half-sized diameter than PVC material.

No doubt, it is the best material if you want to make your windows closed to get a more secure environment. But it has some issues with being strong than PVC. For instance, you can fix PVC shutters by cutting them or adjusting them according to the size of your home windows while you can’t do this with Aluminum shutters. Similarly, it is almost impossible to design Aluminum shutters as you want in your house with simple means.

In this way, you need to invest more money in fixing Aluminum shutters instead of PVC shutters.


PVC and Aluminum both materials have different capacities to retain paint and keep your home perfect. PVC shutters have a stronger capacity to save paint even under severe environmental conditions. It means your home windows will remain unchanged even if you have too cold or hot outside. On the other side, Aluminum has no such strong properties to keep the paint stick with it.

But if talk about the method to pain Aluminum and PVC shutters, we would found that Aluminum shutters are far easy to pain as compared to PVC. It takes much time to pain even a single-window shutter made with PVC material. The reason is that you need to use different materials while painting your home shutters. Also, you need to put more effort while painting shutters made with PVC as compared to Aluminum shutters.

Thermal Nature

This is the most important factor that you need to keep in mind while selecting shutters for your house windows. Both these materials have different specifications to keep your house perfect in any condition. Aluminum shutters will work as a protector while it is too hot or cold outside. These will never allow sunlight to enter your house and humiliate it for the people.

Similarly, PVC shutters will also protect you from such conditions but by absorbing those heat radiations from the sun. It might be risky because when the sunlight will not hit the PVC shutters, they will start radiating the absorbed radiations. Then, we can say that Aluminum shutters are better than PVC shutters while discussing this factor.

Bottom Line

It all depends on your region’s conditions that which material will work for your home windows shutters. We have discussed both those materials and their differences above. So, you can easily compare your home conditions and requirements with Aluminum and PVC shutters.

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