Beat the heat and energy bills with roller shutters

by admin on October 3, 2017 in Security Roller Shutters

One way to help reduce those costs while increasing the comfort levels inside your home on those long, sweltering summer days is to install high quality aluminium roller shutters on your windows. Properly designed and installed, roller shutters offer possibly one of the best window insulation systems available. Here’s why.

Almost 90% of the heat inside your home is transmitted through the windows. And in winter, around 50% of internal heat escapes through them. Either way, you’re losing money as your air conditioning struggles to cope. While interior window curtains and blinds can help, they simply can’t give you same level of insulation as roller shutters.

Because they’re designed to fit snugly inside your window frame, roller shutters form a barrier that provides significantly better insulation than windows alone.

This means that your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard, resulting in more money in your pocket instead of the bank account of your energy provider.

There’s no denying the fact that our summer temperatures are going up. To add to the problem, energy costs are going up.

According to the Australian Governments Bureau of Meteorology Annual Climate Statement for 2016, Australia had its fourth-warmest year since record keeping began in 1910. Australia’s area-averaged mean temperature for 2016 was 0.87 °C above the 1961–1990 average. Maximum temperatures were 0.70 °C above average, and minimum temperatures were 1.03 °C above average. Minimum temperatures were the second warmest on record.

The warmth around the north and east coasts of Australia brought a record warm year for several of Australia’s major cities, including Sydney which had its warmest year for both maximum and minimum temperatures.

In particular, temperatures were consistently higher in the Sydney’s Western Suburbs.

Now let’s look at energy costs.

According to figures from the highly reputable Australia Institute, energy prices in Australia have gone up an average of 183% in the past two decades. And there’s more to come! While the reasons for rising energy prices are complex, the simple fact is that it’s going to cost more than ever before to keep your home cool this summer.


To get an idea of what size roller shutters you need, start with the width. Simply measure from the outside of the window from brick to brick at the top of the window then at the bottom. Now measure the height the same way. Be sure to measure from brick to brick to get an accurate measurement.

The next step is to contact a trusted roller shutter supplier like Security Integrated Shutters. SIS experts will measure, quote, manufacture and install the perfect high quality aluminium roller shutter for your situation.

If you’re ready to beat the heat and keep a lid on rising energy bills, contact us today.