Aluminium roller shutters are better than wood (here’s why)

by admin on September 18, 2017 in Aluminium Shutters

The specific benefits of aluminium shutters.

For hundreds of years, the most common material used in the construction of shutters has been timber. This makes sense, as timber is abundant, relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. Even today, you’ll still find timber shutters used on the outside of many homes. However, along with its benefits, timber shutters have a number of major drawbacks. Probably the most obvious of these is that timber simply isn’t strong enough to provide the level of durability and protection a modern home requires. Timber shutters require more maintenance and don’t offer the level of noise and temperature insulation so necessary in the harsh Australian climate.

Aluminium on the other hand, is the ideal material for shutter construction. Here’s why:

1) The history of aluminium starts with its discovery, successful extraction and the first commercial use back in the 19th Century. There was a time when it was considered such a valuable commodity that rather than impress their guests with gold, the wealthy flaunted their status with cutlery and plates made from aluminium

2) The third most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust, aluminium is today used in countless applications from toothpaste and indigestion pills to building and airplane construction. It’s in your iPhone and your soft drink cans; it’s used in the manufacture of glass, motors, appliances, and power systems. Television antennae and satellite dishes, even some LED bulbs are made of aluminium. In fact, no other metal comes close to the variety of uses to which aluminium has been put.

3) This is because it has a number of fantastic properties that make it the go-to metal for designers and manufacturers looking for a highly dependable, cost effective construction material. It’s strong yet lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant, easily moulded into any shape, thermally efficient and can be stretched and manipulated without losing pliability and strength.

All of this adds up to a number of powerful reasons why aluminium is the material of choice for our quality Australian made domestic and commercial roller shutters.

SI Shutters represent the pinnacle of shutter design and construction.

Our standard 42mm roller shutters are manufactured from high quality aluminium alloy with a foam-filled profile for additional strength and whisper quiet operation. With their smooth or curved face profile, premium quality painted finish in a wide range of designer colours, they’re ideal for domestic windows and doorways and light commercial shop fronts and windows.

If you need something even more robust for your business or commercial premises, you can’t go past the SIS 36mm extruded roller shutter range, made with a precision extruded roller shutter profile. These super tough products are suitable for many commercial and industrial grade applications.

Need more reasons why you should choose SI aluminium shutters?

Talk to one of our experts. They’ll show you why wood might be good, but aluminum is simply the best.