1 in 8 Australians Want Their House Broken Into…

by admin on March 26, 2018 in Security Roller Shutters

According to a recent survey conducted by comparison site a staggering 1 in 8 Australians don’t lock their doors, while 60 per cent don’t use deadbolt locks, almost half don’t lock windows and 80 per cent don’t lock the garage.

Finder expert, Bessie Hassan told Domain Group, “The findings were really surprising [and suggest] a huge number of people, more than two million Australians are not using locks on their doors and leaving their homes susceptible to break-ins.”

This is despite 2.5 per cent rise in household break-ins since June last year, 2.1 per cent attempted break-ins and 5 per cent residential property damage. And, as reported on real estate listing website, there are over 200,000 home burglaries each year in Australia. Yet, interestingly one in four Australians have an alarm system, and one in 10 have a CCTV system.

We tend to rest on our laurels when it comes to security, and think ‘it won’t happen to us’, or opt for ineffective security. The reality is though, not one person who experienced a break-in, home invasion or property damage was eagerly awaiting criminals to creep into their home. Being vigilant with security is the best defence against it happening to you, and the best security for your home is one that not only stops invaders entering your home, but also deters them from even trying.

A study conducted by the ECU School of Law and Justice found that break-ins are largely opportunistic, and security shutters were one of the most successful deterrents. Dr Natalie Gately, who lead the study, told ABC Radio, “We found that if it took longer than 15 minutes to get in, they wouldn’t bother.”

The Finder survey also showed that men are less likely than women to lock windows, garages and doors and Baby Boomers were far more likely to have contents insurance than Gen Y and Gen Z.